Amy Macdonald is a Scottish singer and song-writer best known for her debut album "This Is The Life" in 2007,which has helped her gain popularity in America, she also reguarly tours Europe and has stated that she has plans to relocate and live in the USA.

In 2007, Macdonald weighed 240 lbs with her single 'This Is The Life', with her huge success at the age of 25 years old, Macdonald consistantly eats the most she can, claiming in an interview in a local Scottish radio station.

"After every concert, I head to the nearest buffet and eat every scrap of food on the table, litterly, I've cleared out buffet tables so many times I've lost count, which is why I plan to move to America, don't get me wrong I love Scotland, but America is the only place that could possibly keep me satisfied, my fans better see me while they can, soon I maybe immobile"

Macdonald currently weighs 585 lbs, and claims that it was only the beggining of her weight rise.

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