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Anna Nicole Smith at an award show in the early 2000s, weighing in-between 1000-1100 pounds.

Vickie Lynn Hogan (born November 28, 1967) known by the moniker Anna Nicole Smith is an American model, actress, and entertainment producer who is recognized as the heaviest mobile woman in the world.  Smith first gained popularity in Playboy, becoming the 1993 Playmate of the Year.  She modeled for several clothing companies and occassional fashion designers.  It was during her transition into films and televisions that Smith's weight started to grow to astonishing size.

In 1994, Smith had several minor roles in a few films and one supporting role in the cop comedy Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult.  Although these appearances were highly publicized, Smith career was only a little furthered.  It was during preparations for to star in the Tom Hansen produced film, To The Limit, that Smith's weight started to increase getting attention from several tabloid publications.  Just before filming started Smith debuted her then 746-pound body, which was widely believed to be the heaviest weight any woman had been mobile at in history, in a quick late night talk show tour.  By the time filming actually began, Smith was close to 800-pounds.

The media tours before and after filming To The Limit and before it's debut showed a continually growing Smith, whose career exploded when the film became the top grossing film of 1996.  Smith was offered parts in various films and television guest spots.  It was in television that Smith turned her career as she accepted roles in Herucles and Xena: Warrior Princess portraying Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.  She also had several guest appearances in the hit sitcom Friends as a younger cousin of Courtney Cox's character Monica Gellar, but was most noteworthy as Smith appeared along side Jennifer Aniston who's own rapid gaining had many calling her the second heaviest woman in the world.  And Smith appeared in The Drew Carey Show as an on-again, off-again girlfriend of Carey's on a semi-regular basis throughout the course of the series.


In early 1998, Smith started her own production company, Aphrodite Ltd., in association with Orion Pictures which had distributed To The Limit.  Although it began as a strictly television and film enterprise, it was the publication of Voluptuous in mid-2000 that started the process of morphing the company into an entertainment conglomerate that would be one of the most influencial by the end of the 00s.  By the end of 1998, Smith's career briefly turned into the music world with her one and only song, "Fat", written by "Weird Al" Yankovic as a parody of Michael Jackson's "Bad."  The song was released as a single, reaching Gold record status by the end of the year.

Sometime during 2000, Smith's first weighed in at 1000-pounds but the fact wasn't confirmed until the inguaral issue of Voluptuous as she appeared on the magazine's first cover and was it's first featured article.  Through the end of 2005, Smith continued to make television appearances and walked the runways for various fashion designers in London, New York, and Paris showing off her still growing body that reached 1168-pounds.  Starting in 2006, Smith slowly decreased her public appearances as she began taking a more direct hand in managing her growing business as social media started to increase it's presence in the market.

Since 2009, Smith makes only one official public appearance a year, at the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony.  Her last confirmed weight is 1310-pounds in 2010, Smith's representatives have responded to inquires that she is "maintaining" her weight close to her last official statement.

Personal LifeEdit

Born Vicky Lynn Hogan in Harris County, Texas to Donald Hogan and Virgie Mae.  Smith has five half-siblings from her parent's subsequent marriages.

Smith married Billy Wayne Smith on April 4, 1985 in Mexia, TX and were officially divorced on February 3, 1993 in Houston, TX.  Smith gave birth to their son, Daniel Wayne Smith, on January 22, 1986.  Smith was granted sole custody of the couple's son just before she moved permanently to Los Angeles, CA.

Smith attended numerous awards shows with various dates over the years, but has not been linked to any sustained relationship since the end of her marriage.  Since 2009, she has been accompanied by her son, Daniel, and his various dates to the Primetime Emmy Awards.

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