Anna Silk (b. 1974) is a Canadian actress, famous for her main role as Bo the succubus in the show "Lost Girl". An up and coming star, she currently weighs 450 pounds and will probably gain more in the future.

Life and Career

Born in 1974 to Peter and Ilkay Silk, Anna was exposed to a semi-Mediterrenean culture that promotes large and curvy women from birth. A relatively inactive child, she preferred to hang around her mother and observe the latter's theatrical recitals from a young age. Graduating in 1997 as a Bachelor in Arts, she began to participate in acting productions very quickly afterwards.

She played Deb, a surly and overdressed air attentdant in a NicoDerm ad commercial.

Since 2009 Anna has played Bo the Succubus in a Canadian supernatural mystery series "Lost Girl". She is currently married to the actor Seth Cooperman and in 2013 gave birth to a son.

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