Fat as2

Ashlee Simpson, a one time aspiring American singer, who was feature on various entertainment new programs about the dark side of the "Weight Inflation Trend" along with her older sister, Jessica.

After her father Joe Simpson's attempt to promote her older sister into stardom led to Jessica immobility, Ashlee became the focus of her father Joe's promotional push.  Just like her sister Jessica, Ashlee's crash diet to gain a tremendous amount of weight quickly led to her too becoming immobile.

Just before Ashlee became bedbound, her mother Tina was able to gain custody of her daughters as Texas officials started to investigate her father for child endangerment as both Ashlee and her sister had been under 18 when they both become immobile.

When the Simpson sisters were interviewed in the early 2000s, Ashlee weighed just under 900-pounds.  Recently reports put her weight, along with her sister, as being over 1000-pounds and still immobile and bedbound in their family home in Richardson, Texas.

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