'Cheerleader' Melissa Anderson is an American professional wrestler best known in the independant scene as Cheerleader Melissa but is also known in TNA for playing 'The Future Legend' Alissa Flash and before that Riasha Saeed. 

As Anderson worked in TNA, she gained more weight, when she was Saeed she was around 260 lbs, by the time she turned into Alissa Flash she was 450 lbs and by the time she was back on the indy scene she was 480 lbs.

Anderson mentioned that the reason she became Flash in the first place because her rapid weight gain made it virtually impossible for the sewing crew to make a burqa that would fit her.

"I'm very glad I got out of the burqa to be honest, it was insanely tight around my gut to the point where it was impossible for the sewing team to make a burqa the fit, everyweek I'd come in with my gut bigger until they gave up and I got the Flash character."

Anderson is currently around 490 lbs.

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