Ballinger as Miranda Sings

 Actress, singer, internet personality. Originally a performance student and budding professional singer, Ballinger created the character Miranda Sings as an inside joke-reaction to the "cocky girls who thought they were really talented, and they weren't"

The character of Miranda would be an egotistical geeky jerk with a superiority complex in an oversized button down shirt, tight strech pants, and gaudy makeup (with an emphasis on too much lipstick) on a contorted smirk. She would then go on to sing horribly.

With the success of the character, Colleen Ballinger went on to make videos as herself, vlogging and uploading stage performances.

A few installments of her web "series" include both Miranda and Colleen singing together, with Colleen singing in tune and  Miranda becoming frustrated and jealous.

The photos are of Colleen as herself and Colleen as Miranda. The web star is said to be 462 lbs.

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