Welcome to FAT WORLD wiki and thank you for wanting to contribute to this alternate reality.  This page is designed to provide you general information, tips, and guidelines on how to create individuals that live in the FAT WORLD universe.

Alternate RealityEdit

FAT WORLD, is not only a weight gain fantasy, it's also an alternate history timeline.  Unlike normal alternate history timelines, FAT WORLD is basically Our World but with the vast majority of women fat.  While large wholesale changes in history haven't occurred in FAT WORLD, there are minor differences with Our World besides a how much a particular woman weighs.  Here are some cultural and business examples:

  • The 1970 AFL-NFL merge saw the Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings, and New Orleans Saints move to the AFL instead of the Baltimore (now Indianapolis) Colts, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers.  Some interesting side effects of this are that the Raiders stayed in Oakland and never ventured to Los Angeles, the Cardinals stayed in St. Louis resulting in an expansion team being awarded to Phoenix in 1995 instead of Jacksonville, the Rams never left Los Angeles, and football doesn't return to Baltimore until 2002 when it's awarded an expansion franchise along with Houston.
  • World Championship Wrestling does not get purchased by the World Wrestling Federation, now WWE, instead was purchased by a billionaire who made his fortune in the bubble.  The same billionaire also purchased Exteme Championship Wrestling and merged the two organizations.  Because of this the WWF/E doesn't undergo the brand extension.
  • The DeLorean Motor Company is still operating and was one of the first companies, along with Apple, to use ad time during the Super Bowl to gain attention.
  • Women's rugby is one of the world's most watched sports, including in the United States.
  • Orion Pictures is still operating as one of the major Hollywood studios for both television and film.

But the minor differences are not restricted to culture and business, they can also occur in the FAT WORLD incarnations of Our World's celebrities.  For the majority of the female celebrities in FAT WORLD, their lives will not be different from what they are in Our World save that they weigh more.  However, there are some women in Our World that would find their lives and careers totally different in FAT WORLD.  Here are some examples:

  • Anna Nicole Smith is not only alive in 2015, but is the heaviest mobile woman in the world and is one of the most successful women in Hollywood, more in business than television and film.
  • Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are still married and have several children together.
  • Katharine McPhee finished 3rd in the 2006 edition of American Idol, Chris Daughtry won over Taylor Hicks. (In Our World, Daughtry finished 4th while Hicks won the competition with McPhee was runner-up.)
  • Taylor Swift has not become known as a notorious serial dater who exploits her failed relationships for hit songs, instead she married actor Taylor Lautner in spring 2012 after a near three year relationship.
  • Jillian Michaels is a former rugby player who has become a famous Hollywood trainer to help female celebrities build up their muscles so they can gain more weight and still be mobile.
  • Jessica and Ashlee Simpson never became famous because their father's diet plan as part of his efforts to make them famous resulted in them gaining too much weight too fast resulting in both of them becoming immobile and bedbound, ending their celebrity dreams before they began.

The last example is important because not all celebrities in Our World will be celebrities in FAT WORLD.  Celebrities in Our World will fall under the following categories in FAT WORLD:

  • Famous and Fat
  • Not Famous and Fat
  • Famous and Not Fat
  • Not Famous and Not Fat

And some famous fashion models in FAT WORLD are actually BBW models and paysite stars in Our World.

How Much Do They Weigh?Edit

To many of you the most important part of FAT WORLD is how much a celebrity weighs, and for a few celebrities it is one of the reasons they are famous.  So keep the following guidelines and statements in mind as you create and edit pages on the wiki:

  • Only six mobile women weigh over 1000-pounds: Anna Nicole Smith (1310), Jennifer Aniston (1167), Britney Spears (1063), Christina Aguilera (1040), Beyonce (1012), and Jennifer Lopez (1010).
  • Only four mobile women weigh in-between 900-999 pounds, one of which is Mariah Carey.
  • Only 10 mobile women weigh in-between 800-899 pounds.
  • Only four Divas or Knockouts weighed more than 600-pounds: Trish Stratus (650), Michelle McCool (635), Torrie Wilson (630), and Stacy Keibler (615).  All four would gain only 50-100 pounds after leaving active competition.
  • Only two Divas or Knockous weighed more than 500-pounds: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.
  • All Divas and Knockouts, except those named above, have weighed less than 500-pounds.  Generally they have gained at most 75-pounds after leaving active competition.
  • No reality star or celebulite weighs more than 500-pounds. (Note: Nicky Hilton is a successful fashion designer in FAT WORLD and is not recognized as either a reality star or celebulite.)
  • In FAT WORLD, a woman becoming immobile and bedbound (except in the case of pregnancy) is a cultural taboo and literally a career killer for a celebrity.  To fully explain would take a seperate page to cover the topic.

Fan2000 Has The Final SayEdit

As you are contributing, keep in mind that fan2000 has final editorial say on what is written especially when it comes to weight.  However, unless fan2000 has had a particular idea on a certain celebrity he won't usually edit biographies.  But when it comes a woman's weight, especially if is a particularly weigh one don't be surprised if fan2000 changes it downwards though if it's too low fan2000 change it upwards.

Don't hesitate to ask questions of fan2000 either on his talk page, the Community's talk page, or a particular celebrity's talk page.

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