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Erin Ryder, commonly known as Ryder, is a seasoned veteran of SYFY's television series, "Destination Truth" as well as an investigator for National Geographic's, "Chasing UFOs."  A self described, no nonsense adventurer; she gets her kicks traveling the world digging relentlessly for the truth, while her humor and penchant for getting into trouble keeps her teammates on their toes. Her unique perspective, competitive nature and determination to undercover the truth have taken her around the globe to research claims of the strange and mysterious, all while traversing some of the deadliest environments on earth. There are few hard-hitting, tough as nails females as fearless as Ryder who's resume includes; rafting the world's largest waterfall, jumping out of a helicopter info shark infested waters, rappelling the Great Wall of China, and scaling glaciers in Antarctica.

Her aggressive pursuit of the truth not only includes daring athletic feats, but a zealous passion for research and an industry-leading knowledge of all things tech. Her years of experience chasing unsubstantiated claims makes her an expert in the field of alien/ghost/monster hunting technology using specialty cameras, Geiger counters and EMF detectors. Ryder 'geeks out' over the newest gadgets and can't wait to use the latest technology to investigate new and old cases alike. If there is an unusual sighting or unexplained occurrence out there, Ryder loves the challenge to prove, or disprove, its existence through modern-day technology. Ryder considers herself a 'skeliever,' as she falls somewhere between a skeptic and a believer. Deep down she wants to be convinced, but will need to see the hard evidence first.

Due to traveling around the world she has gained lots of weight, she now weighs 570 lbs.

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