Hannah Spearritt (b. April 1, 1981) is a British singer and actress, best known for her role in the British sci-fi series Primeval.

Hannah was born the youngest of the three children and eventually became known as one of the most popular BBW fashion models. This, and her lovely voice, were the reasons why she became a part of the popular pop music group S Club 7 until the latter broke up in 2003.

For the next two years Hannah continued to gain weight and to star in various films, but her best break came in 2006, when she started to play roles of Abby Maitland, a spunky and chunky biologist in Primeval. At that time, she struck a friendship with her co-stars Juliet Aubrey, and to a lesser extent with James Murray, a fact that got reflected by the show's plot as it developed over the five seasons. Even after Primeval sadly went on indefinite hiatus in 2012, the Primeval stars remained on friendly terms with each other.

For a while, Hannah continued to star in other films and TV series, such as Death in Paradise, but after her break-up with Andrew Lee Potts she had taken a sabbatical from the spotlight.

Hannah and her fiance, the Primeval co-star Andrew Lee-Potts have amiably split up in 2013. Currently, Hannah is single, and at 450 pounds of weight, Hannah is considered to be one of Britain's sexiest women according to the polls.

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