Jillian Michaels Overweight

Jillian during her rugby career.

Jillian Michaels (born February 24, 1974) is a retired American professional rugby union player.  At 5' 2.5", Michaels was one of the shortest players in the history of the women's game on the American collegiate, club, and international levels.

After the end of her rugby career in 2005, after injuries on both of her knees in a three year span, Michaels became a personal trainer to numerous actresses, musicians, and others in the entertainment industry helping them build up their muscles to gain further weight.

Soon after retiring, Michaels became a special analysis for ESPN and periodicially appears on SportsCenter in the lead up and aftermath of big rugby union fixtures.  Since 2011, Michaels and ESPN sportscaster Lindsay Czarniak , a former collegiate rugby union player, have worked together on segments across all ESPN except during the latter's maturnity leave.

Michaels has maintained her playing weight of between 175-190 pounds since her retirement.

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