Ksenia Solo (b. 1987) is a young but popular Latvian-born actress, famous for her roles as Tasha in Life Unexpected and Kenzi in Lost Girl. She was born in Riga, Latvia, and has Russian roots, something that was often used in the Lost Girl  and Life Unexpected series, for example.

At the age of 5, her family moved to Toronto; by the age of 14 it became obvious that Ksenia was developing a noticeably pear-like body shape just like her mother did, and just like her mother, Ksenia ended up wearing a girdle/back brace combination to prevent the development of back problems by the age of 25. She also has problems driving, as most vehicles have a steering wheel located to close to her thighs and thus are unreachable for her.

Even so, for the moment Ksenia is retired from most of her former projects, instead she has started to film an independent film, Another You, which features her and Diego Boneta. She is currently single.

Though only 26 years old, Ksenia is quite heavy for her weight, already reaching 426 pounds and showing no indication of stopping. Most of her weight is settled in the lower part of her body; Ksenia's waist is 40 cm in diameter by now, and her legs, according to a friendly critic of the latest Lost Girl series as "a pair of mighty baobab trees, a sublime vision".

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