Lana a

A 2014 episode of WWE Raw


CJ Perry


Perry as Lana

Catherine Joy "C.J." Perry
 (born March 24, 1985) is an American professional wrestling valet, professional wrestler, model, actress, dancer, and singer. She is currently signed with professional wrestling promotion WWE under the ring name Lana, where she manages Rusev.

The character Lana is dubbed the Ravishing Russian, which in someway refers to Perry's upbringing in the former Soviet Union as the child of a Christian missionary. She started in dance there in the Latvian Ballet.

In her college years in the United States, she started modeling, then moved to LA after college for further endeavors in the entertainment world. She returned to dance - break dance - particulary which led to her joining a girl group, No Means Yes. She later starred in Pitch Perfect alongside Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick; she credits her training at The Groundlings School.

She also holds a handful of other acting credits on TV and film, but is most known as Lana. WWE bills her at 411 pounds.

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