Fat ll

Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, first coming to fame for her childhood roles in Disney films like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, the later of which she co-starred with Jamie Lee Curtis.  At a young age she weighed in at well over 200-pounds.

As Lindsay's career continued to progress, her weight continued to climb at an incredible rate.  Tabloid gossip that she was engaged in a feud with fellow Disney teen actress, Hilary Duff, which fueled her weight inflation.

But as Lindsay's weight rapidly rose, her career and lifestyle started going out of control as she increasingly partied and binged ate at an alarming rate.  Soon pictures and video of a awkwardly walking Lindsay appeared, in which the she could barely move her heavy body.

Then in 2007, Lindsay fell to the floor of a nightclub and couldn't get up on her own and was barely able to waddle out even with assistance once helped to her feet.  Speculation ran that Lindsay had grown too fat and was immobile.  But several months later a somewhat thinner Lindsay appeared in public, but that only fanned the gossip.  It was rumored that Lindsay weighed well over 800-pounds.

Over the next couple of years, Lindsay continued to go in and out of public view as her weight continued into rise and decrease.  Her career ground to a halt and she brushed off all offers of help until finally in late 2010, pictures of a bedbound Lindsay started appearing seemingly finishing her career.  Then in early 2012, a slimmer Lindsay appeared in public attempt to reignite her career but as the year continued her partying and weight increased until she disappeared from view.  In late 2012, photos appeared and leaked video that went viral on the Internet showed an immobile and bedbound Lindsay eating nonstop.

Throughout 2014 gossip stories related various stories of Lindsay's weight cresting over 1100 pounds and repeated failed attempts by her family and friends to cut off her access to food that was draining her bank account.  It was not until later in the year that it was reported that Lindsay's family and friends had failed because they had been denied access by her new manager, or boyfriend.  At the beginning of 2015, Lindsay's weight was reported to be close to 1200 pounds.

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