Mary Berri during a Victoria Secrets photo shoot in 2015

Maria Bonita Etxeberri (born 5 June 1985) professionally known as Mary Berri, is a American model of Nicaraguan ancestry.

Early Life Edit

Berri was born and raised in northern California in Davis, close to the state capital of Sacramento. After graduating from Davis Senior High School, Berri attended Sacramento State (known officially as California State University, Sacramento and informally as Sac State). It was while attending Sac State that Berri began amateur modeling for art classes and as a photography subject for fellow students in addition to her own studies in Economics. During her senior year, Berri was a part of the Kings Royal Court Dancers, the cheerleaders of the NBA's Sacramento Kings for the 2007-08 season.

Modeling Career Edit

After graduating from Sacramento State in 2008, Berri had gotten an analyst position at Sacramento investment group. As a lark, she had begun applying for America's Top Model when she received her break into the modeling when a fellow Sacramento State graduate used a photo of her as part of his portfolio for a position at a model agency (which he got).

While happily surprised by her sudden break, she pessimistically decided to go by her now famous professional moniker Mary Berri at this time to keep her investment analyst future open. During the first two years of her modelling career this appeared to be a wise decision as she was apart of a numerous minor campaigns that help supplement her income due to the effects of the Great Recession on the investment management industry. Yet in the summer of 2010, thanks to her previous association with the Kings she was part of a promotional campaign of various California professional sports teams aimed at women that provided a path to her breakout in the industry by catching the eye of one of the campaign's photographers.

In late 2010, Berri was invited to a photoshoot in Banff National Park (Canada) and only learned upon arriving that it was for the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Although she was featured in only one photo, Berri was suddenly in demand being invited to secondary fashion shows and eventually New York along with being featured in numerous magazines resulting in Berri leaving her investment analyst position. Berri was flown to Panama as part of the photoshoot for the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in which she was not only featured inside, but also was the insert of Kate Upton's first cover.

Beginning in 2012, Berri quickly became one of the most demanded supermodels in the fashion industry appearing in the biggest fashion shows across the world and signing on to become a Victoria Secret's Angel in 2013. Berri has appeared in both the 2013 and 2014 editions of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue while so finally appearing on America's Top Model as a guest judge in the shows last season in 2015 during Tyra Banks jokingly introduced Berri the shows most successful applicant dropout.

Personal Life Edit

Besides disclosing her roots from Nicaragua and her academic background, Mary Berri has maintained the rest of her family's privacy and neither she nor agent has ever comments on stories which pertain to her family.

Berri has been seen out with several notable athletes, actors, and musicians since 2012, but has not had a serious relationship since her career breakout.

Berri has admitted to always being among the heaviest girls in school in high school, weighing close to 400 pounds when she turned 18. When her modeling career started her weight had gotten to around to only 430 or so pounds which she maintained until 2011 when she started gaining more throughout the year. As of late 2015, Berri weighs over 550 pounds.

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