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Sasha Banks, 2015. Courtesy of Cahabent/Jacknife

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In an NXT Pool Party Shoot, 2014

Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado (born 26 January, 1992) is an American Professional wrestler under the name of Sasha Banks as part of the NXT brand of WWE.

Sasha made her debut on NXT as a babyface and weighed 250 pounds making her one of the lightest divas on NXT. After increasing frustration at losing, she was approached backstage by rival Summer Rae who tried to turn her heel and after a loss to the then NXT Woman's Champion Paige, Sasha turned heel by attacking her after the match and joined up with Summer.

The two called themselves BFFs, which stood for Beautiful Fierce Females and it was then that Sasha's weight skyrocketed to an impressive 386 pounds soon afterwards and she keeps getting bigger almost every-time she and Summer appear on NXT.