Sofia Boutella (b. April 3, 1982) is an Algerian–French dancer, model, and actress. She is known for her hip-hop and street dance, and for appearing in Nike Women's advertising campaigns. Boutella has starred as Eva in StreetDance 2 (2012), Ara in Monsters: Dark Continent (2014), Gazelle in Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015), an alien warrior named Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond (2016), and the main antagonist, Princess Ahmanet, in Universal's film The Mummy (2017).

Sofia was born in Algeria, but had moved to France at age of 5. Throughout her youth, she was intent on being purely a dancer, and considered her advertising jobs to be secondary at best. Thus, her weight would fluctuate, but remain stable at about 125-140 lbs.,depending on whether she was modeling or dancing at a time. She had enjoyed some success, but remained a little known name, until 2007, when Madonna had sent her a pair of high heels suggesting that she could learn to dance in them; this caught Michael Jordan's attention and he offered Sophia a chance to work with him, but this failed to be for a variety of reasons; after that Sophia gradually shifted her focus from dancing to acting.

Her first big roles was Eva the dancer in StreetDance 2, during the shooting of which Eva had to learn several new styles of dancing, which led to her gaining weight to 225 pounds, (most of which was below her waist), and Gazelle in Kingsman: The Secret Service, where she was Gazelle, one of the main characters. This was followed by Star Trek Beyond where Sophia starred as an alien named Jaylah, another major role that brought her weight to 300 pounds. Recently, she was the star of the Universal's The Mummy reboot (2017), and will appear in Atomic Blonde as one of the love interests of the main character (Charlize Theron). Currently, her weight is 415 pounds.

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