Sofia Cortez is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler, best known for her work in WWE developmental shows FCW and NXT, Cortez also appeared in Tough Enough 2011 at a weight of 253 lbs but bulked up to 345 lbs by the time she got to the main roster. 

Cortez left the WWE because of rumoured 'Attitude Problems' she left the company at a weight of 360 lbs, Cortez currently works independent promotions under her real name, she has said that she would like to return to WWE at some point but is happy working indy shows.

Cortez's posted her on her Twitter account "Just checked scales, now up to 400 lbs, now for a 12 course 'snack'" Cortez mentioned that she wants to return to WWE at 450 lbs and gain more weight from there.

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